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Hi waiting lap are these symptoms normal

I am waiting a lap due to having following symptoms and after research things from past make endo sense.

I never really knew what was "normal" for periods as my mum wouldn't discuss and I've never had a huge circle of close friends to discuss these issues with so have got to 40 thinking I was normal!

Each month after roughly the time I pre4dict I ovulate my stomach bloats and I start to get pains in pelvis, lower back. These start off not too bad but by the time my period starts are worse than labour. No painkillers touch the pain.

I bleed heavily.

In the past docs put it all down to IBS (the midmonth pain) but now I think perhaps it isn't as there is a cycle to the pain it isn't constant (Is endo pain all month or in line with cycle?)

At puberty I had a lot of stomach aches which led to several hospital admissions and ended in my appendix been removed (they found on removal nothing was wrong with my appendix) I've read stories of ladies with endo being also investigated for appendix issues.

The last few months the paid has really started to get me down - and the wait for a lap (GP after several visits decided it was probably gyne and referred me and gyne decided to do a lap as suspects endo)

Thanks for reading x


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Yes could be endo, I was diagnosed with endo after a lap a few days ago and I feel roughly as bad when I ovulate as I do during my actual period - in some ways worse actually. It all depends where the endo is I think and endo also affects every person differently. Some people have pain all the time and some only at certain times. Some people have extreme pain and others only mild or no symptoms. Good luck, I think a lap is well worth doing x



Sorry to hear all the pain you've been having. I'm also waiting a laparoscopy. Your message stood out to me because I also had very bad stomach pains as a teenager before my periods started, i missed about 8 months on my school year! I have lots of investigations and no one could diagnose me, in the end they said it was "stomach migraines", eventually the pain improved. I really think pediatrician's should be looking out for endo signs in teenagers...as 10 years on I am being investigated with endometriosis. Fingers crossed you find out soon what's going on, I'm at the stage I just want to know because it's all so tedious!


Thanks. Its only since been reading up on endo things have come back to me about my puberty years (my mum was that bad she didn't even discuss periods with me and back then there was no Google so when I did start I thought something was seriously wrong!) Hence why I've put up with it for so long as having no one to discuss it with I thought what I went through was "normal".


You poor thing!! You'll get the answers you need soon. The symptoms are so rubbish, It's emotionally challenging to deal with everything even without a diagnosis!


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