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I finally have a date for my Laprascopy at the beginning of February (after waiting 8 months). Are there any tips anyone can please recommend? I am scared that they may find something but I am also scared that they won't find anything. I think my gynaecologist believes I have endometriosis but I am not 100% sure.

Although, I am currently having troubles with my periods at the moment. I had a 21 day period in December which ended at the beginning of January. Then, I had a 5-day break of no periods and now I am back on my period again (So far its day 3). I am on Cerelle and have been taking this on a daily basis. I do have problems with pain and was admitted to hospital with pain (They thought I had appendicitis due to raised temp, area of pain, sweating, and raised BP). I bleed after sex and it's extremely painful. They also at some point thought I had IBS - but this was soon dismissed when I tried Mebeverine and lost a stone in weight in a month.

What should I do about my current period problem? Should I ring my Gynaecologist or just wait for the operation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi first if all I'm sorry your having a hard time. I am in a similar place as you. I do have pcos but have lap to look for endometriosis on the 8th of Feb. I had a scan and also have uterine polyp that they will move via hysteroscopy when they do lap. I also am a bit scared what they will or will not find. I have been bleeding on and off for 7 months sometime 4 weeks at a time. I do get a lot of pain ect. I did put a post on here about what I should expect for laparoscopy so feel free to look at my profile and see all the lovely tips other people have given me. Some people said they got on OK and others have been in a lot of pain with the gas afterwards. I would go to gp aboutique bleeding xx


Hi, my lap is the exact same day as yours! I had a blood test which confirmed that I didn't have PCOS and am sorry that you have to deal with this. My scans showed a small twist in my womb and some cysts but were only small.


Thank you for your post, I shall have a gander at it. I've heard roughly the same things about the pain. I am a student nurse and have a compulsory violence and aggression training session 6 days after my lap so not sure what to do about that.

I'll ring my GP. Thanks for all your help. Xx

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Ha the same day!!! Yes have a look at post you may find it helpful. Best of luck and let me know hiw you go xxxx


I know it's so strange! Mines about 12ish they said? So I'll probs let you know how it goes when I come around 😂! Best of luck to you, hope it goes well for you! Let me know how it goes for you, and maybe we can support each other through it!xx

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Hey I don't have to be in till 12.30 so I am on the afternoon list . Yes will also let you know how it goes take care xx

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Heya I was in a very similar position to you, the gynae was convinced I had endo and although I was thinking that might be the case I was still worried I was just going a bit bonkers!

Like you, loooooooong irregular periods! I actually had my appendix out in my mid teens because of the pain I was in but the docs said it wasn't particularly swollen but took it out anyway (I now realise they possibly misdiagnosed as I was on my period and always in the same amount of pain in the future and same area!)

Had 6 months of scans due to a constant bruised sensation in my side, nothing showed. Was told my lower back issues was probably due to poor core strength / hypermobility. Being constantly lethargic I figured was possibly anxiety and feeling low about discomfort. Bleeding after sex (or coming on period) / shoulder ache / clotting (brown periods) was normal to me. It was only when I developed strange breathing (like... The sensation of yawning but being interrupted halfway through) every time I was about to start my period and constant pressure inside my bum area (pouch of Douglas) that the docs realised I could have endometriosis.

17 years from when it all began! (I'm 33!)

Even though the above was happening, this seemed normal to me. I had been experiencing most of this discomfort throughout my adult life which only went away when I was younger and on the dual pill constantly (no break) which I now cannot have due to people who have had migraines in their life can have a much higher risk of strokes in the future when taking this type of pill!

So I was freaked that it was all in my mind, they got it wrong, I was just being a pansy and had poor strength. The bum pressure I was worried was something like a cyst or something unrelated (had MRI scans, nothing showed). Breathing I convinced myself was anxiety.

That... Plus who really wants endometriosis?!

So I was kind of relieved the day of my lap to know either way I'd have my mind put at ease. I was worried but more that I'd look a fool if they found nothing, but the staff and docs were lovely and said it was no worries and if it wasn't endo that it's just a step in their investigation to figure out how to help me (this made me feel better!)

Had the lap and was confirmed I had endo (was 3 hours on the operating table). During the op they fitted me with the mirena coil to help ease my periods and help them be less clotty. So far this seems to have helped! I think I've had one period since (lap was in December) and although I had some discomfort before and during, it was nothing compared to before!

So I know how you feel. You can get super paranoid easily about if you do or don't and it's a horrible sensation. Try to look at it as a step of investigation. The relief to know either way on the day will be amazing, I promise you!

For the lap, do take some fluffy socks! You'll have to wear stockings but your feet can get cold! Stretchy pjs or soft trousers for after is a must! No hot water bottles allowed after for a few weeks (boo!)! Also bring a small cushion with you so when you are driven home you can pad between your tummy and the seat belt!

Ibruprofen is your friend after! I found sleeping semi upright easier too for a week (had a v shaped pillow!)

Be prepared to stay in over night too. They wouldn't let me go until the morning (which I was glad of!) I packed some plain biscuits so after the op and later in the evening I could nibble on something without feeling too quezy!

Really hope you get some relief both mentally and physically from the op! Good luck with it, big gentle hugs to you! Xx



Hope you are feeling better now! They thought I had appendicitis and took bloods and everything as well as admitting me to A+E!

I was actually told by my gynaecologist initially to try relationship counselling to cope with bleeding after sex. After I said no, she was then said about a laparoscopy 😂. I'm 8 years in, waiting for a diagnosis or something.

Thanks for all the advise! I really appreciate it xx


Thanks for the info . I am also having the coil fitted at the same time as lap and a poylp removed. Thanks for the tips to hope your doing OK xx


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