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Ive been told after an emergency admission that I have large endometriomas affecting one ovary and a bleeding cyst too. Gynaecologist very confident in diagnosis.

Was planning to start trying for a baby next month... gynae say chances improved with having pelvic endometriosis excised. It will mean that some ovary will have to be removed. Im 40 so age not on my side.

Wondering whether to decine surgery and crack on with trying to proceate or hold off and get endo treated surgically first. Obviously cant have any hormone stuff if trying for a baby.

Also recommended the endometriomas come out to make sure they are not cancerous although the chance of this is very low.

What to do?

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I'm 37 and recently had 2 large endmetriomas removed (along with alot of other endo) and can't have hormone. If you want to ask me anything 're surgery etc pls do as I know it can be worrying xx


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