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Surgery for frozen pelvis

Hi all just looking for some advice. I have severe endometriosis frozen pelvis with no POD as bowel stuck to Uterus as well as left tube etc. Had two Laparoscopies in the last where they have done nothing due to severity. I have now gone private to a specialist BSGE Centre and they will perform surgery to unstick all my bits. I have a choice to leave it or have surgery. I do have bowel problems and of course pain but have lived with it for many years now. Can I ask if anyone has had frozen pelvis/severe endo and went for surgery but regretted it? Is there more hassle after with scar tissue? Will my condition get worse as the years go on? I am confused as some consultants say it doesn’t spread however how did I get frozen pelvis then? Would love advice and people’s experiences please. Big decision so am doing lots of research.

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Hi Endo71,

I have stage 4 endo and a frozen pelvis, but don't feel symptoms at the moment. I do feel the 'frozen' lump, but it doesn't cause me pain unless i get stressed, tensed or eat food that i know will cause inflammation. My gynaecologist didn't recommend to go for an extensive operation, because it would involve two surgeons, would need to be an open stomach surgery and may involve risks. Then i came across different abdominal massage therapies, nearly went for one course, but due to smear test results wasn't allowed to go through massage therapy.

It is a big decision to make indeed. Good luck with your research and let's keep in touch!



Thank you for your reply and advice Ugne, much appreciated. Let’s do keep in touch x

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