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Need some help over gynaes report

I know we aren’t doctors haha but was wondering if anyone knows what this means.

So the endo specialist said I have tenderness in the Iliac fossae, Suprapubic region and Bilateral Adnexal of the uterus. He think I have pelvic endometriosis.

Does anyone know where these places are in my pelvis and what location could the endo be in?

Thank you 💕

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Trying to describe this as best I can after a cheeky google 😂

Iliac fossae - the wide ear shaped flaps of your pelvis that are in line with the base of your spine

Suprapubic region - the space below your bellybutton and where your bikini line starts

Not too sure of the 3rd one but according to google it means Fallopian tubes and stuff that connects to the uterus,

I’m no doctor so this could be 100% wrong 😂 xx


Yeah I tried google and the 3rd one just said it’s a lump of a tissue around the ovaries and tubes. Does that mean my tubes could be blocked or something by endometriosis?

I’m at the doctors next Thursday so hopefully they can explain it haha

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