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Has anyone taken citrafleet prior to their lap, just one sachet? Worried about it, any advice appreciated!

I’ve literally got to take this soon, and I didn’t realise I would have to until today!! Am worried about it, am I going to be stuck on the toilet all evening? Was hoping to relax a bit before my surgery tomorrow :-(

To top it all off they have said it might get cancelled due to the bed shortage but I won’t know until tomorrow!

Sorry for the moan.

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Is this the bowel clearout? If so I took it at 6pm expecting to be up all night and nothing started until 530am. I think everyone is different but make sure u drink lots of fluids 🙈 xx


Oh no haha! I hope not cos I have to leave at 630am for the Hospital and only just took it haha! Thanks for the reply :-)

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I was the same .... drink loads to start it off xx


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