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Referral Question


I have finally been referred to the Gynaecologist in the view of arranging a laparoscopy.. I think the doctor has just arranged my referral to go to a hospital with a normal gynaecologist team and not an Endo Specialist.. would I be able to ask to go to the Endo specialist rather than my local hospital?

I would rather get straight to the person who can help rather than going about different gynaecologist if possible

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Ask to be referred to a BSGE centre


Hi, it’s quite normal to be referred to a general gynaecologist first. Once you have the diagnosis, if it is on the severe end you should get the opportunity to see a more specialist one. There just aren’t enough endo specialists for them to do all the initial investigations. So you can ask (won’t do any harm) but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.


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