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Has anybody had a lap and been sterilised at the same time?

Hi everyone,

I saw my first gynaecologist Friday eve and he was great he really listened to me but very straightforward! I asked to be sterilised due to not wanting anymore children and he agreed straight away, I was just wondering if anyone else had this? Was the recovery still the same? And how long was you under for?


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I had my tubes clipped in 2016, I found recovery was a little longer (almost a month for me) plus I found I was more in pain then endo removal laps.


Yes I did Nov 2016. My consultant made the offer to me of getting sterilised to avoid the need for contraception. Went fine, recovery similar to that of a lap, although I did go into urine retention and need a catheter but I assume that could happen with any lap. 4-6 weeks later I was fully recovered.


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