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Anyone found acupuncture successful for pain management?

I had my first laparoscopy in September after a year of telling GPs the pain was NOT all in my head, and yes I’d had a horrible stressful year, but this was different. Lo and behold, when I did get an op, I did have endo on my ligaments and outside wall of uterus.

Then followed 3.5 months of being pain free - amazing after a year of pain.

But a week ago, the pain returned, worse than before. It’s been pretty crippling some days, and one day was really bad all day and all night, no let up. I had ultrasound scans, swabs and examinations done on Friday by gynae who said scans were clear, but she thought with everything else I was telling her, endo probably back.

I’m terrified now of the wait until this can be sorted. I don’t want to be in pain like this for weeks/months. It’s so debilitating. Several people have recommended acupuncture and said it can bring benefits in just 2-3 sessions. Just wondered if anyone here had tried it? And if you’d had any success?

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Hi Kerry_M,

I’m sorry to hear that you are so uncomfortable.

I have massive problems with pain from my endo, and have found acupuncture life changingly helpful. I really would recommend it to anyone. It’s also extremely relaxing and improves your overall sense of well-being, which is great when your endo is making you feel generally grot-bags.

Hope you feel better very soon.

Knitty x

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Hi Kerry_M,

Acupuncture has helped me in the past with my pain levels- I’d definitely go for it again if I could afford it. Hope you find what helps to control your pain soon.

Take care x



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