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After My Laparoscopy

Hey everyone,

Today I had my first laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endometriosis, after 10 years of trying everything under the sun I finally have an answer to why I feel the way I do, it was sort of a sad but happy moment as I knew what I have been through wasn't normal.

I was wondering if there is anything I should do after my laparoscopy to make my endometriosis symptoms a little less debilitating, for example, is there any food I should cut out, any lifestyle changes I should make, any medications or natural remedies I should consider taking?

I know that what works for some might not work for others but I have been looking into it and can't seem to find any information anywhere, even if you could point me in the direction of resources that could help as I am so keen to make changes to my life now I know for sure what is wrong with me.

Any information would be so greatly appreciated xx

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I was diagnosed a few months ago - I've not had my follow up yet, so this is anecdotal! My mum had endo as well, with really painful periods. She said that the best way that she found to manage her symptons was to exercise - she said that at the height of her pain (right before she got pregnant with me) she was playing squash competitively 4 times a week. I find exercise helps too, and also with the emotional effects of endo - for me, it's running, yoga (especially good, I think) and rock climbing. The lack of information is so frustrating - good luck x


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