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Is this endometriosis?

Hi I have been to my GP and gyno and they have suggested I may have endometriosis, a few in my family have PSCO and theyre testing for this too but no results as yet.

My periods arent always regular for example this months was 11 days late.

I would describe my pain (sorry if this is too much info) for the week before my period as 3/10 uncomfortable and distracting yet sometimes a moderate 4/10. I have loose bowels which causes me a fair amount of pain. Then when my period arrives the first day is horrendous, my pain can go right up to 7/8 it massively impacts my life to the point where some times i have to take the day off work. This pain can sometimes fade to a 5/6 with ibrufen but comes back. The pain is not as bad for the rest of the period and I can normally go about my daily life the rest of the period. I get leg pain and on that first day I cannot seem to have the energy to walk.

Another symptom is painful sex, sex brings a dull ache to me, when I first became sexually active for the first couple of years it was a sharp pain in my stomach now its a dull ache pain.

I do think its endometriosis but then this month when I came on I had extreme diarrhoea, I was 11 days late but not extreme period pain and the pain left when I took an ibrufen. This has made me doubt endometriosis.

however I dont want a laparosy if its unnecessary?


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