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Recent uterosacral ligament endo removal


2 weeks tomorrow it will be since my recent laparoscopy, I woke with 4 incisions, the endo got removed from my left uterosacral ligament & from behind my right ovary.

They placed the HSG dye in my tubes to help unblock them as I’m struggling to fall pregnant. My right tube went into spasm during this and no dye could get through, has anyone else experienced this?

I was wondering how long people took to fully recover? My stitches are coming out tomorrow as they haven’t dissolved on their own. I’m still experiencing a lot of below pain, like at bladder area?

I have a doctors like until 17th January but not sure I will be fit by then as I’m a Child Development Officer within a nursery so quite a physical job.

After surgery I had bladder infection, my urine was full of blood think due to catheter.

Can anyone tell me if they have experienced similar symptoms? I just feel so down just now!



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Hi Melissa

Just wanted to get in touch to say I understand your frustration and down feelings. My post-surgery symptoms or issues are not quite the same as yours, but 13 days after I’ve still got cramping and pain coming and going but quite bad at times, and I’m still bleeding heavily. Every time I open my bowels it gushes again (sorry TMI!). I felt quite good in myself about 5-6 days after but seem to be taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back all the time! I am normally fit and healthy (aside from bad monthly period issues or regular endo pain) and not used to being so restricted or feeling so meh! I am so tired.

Big hugs I hope things get better for you soon xx


Hi Melissa,

I read your post and it brought me back to 30 years ago when I had my first exploratory laparoscopy. They found endo all throughout my pelvic cavity, blanketing my ovaries which had numerous cysts, and the Doctor said my uterus was being strangled by it. When they repeatedly trying to pump the dye through my tubes, they were so blocked, he told me I would never never never conceive. I was 19. He booked me for a hysterectomy. I cancelled feeling scared and something inside me protested accepting it.

5 years later I found myself pregnant! I did have several miscarriages following, but I have a beautiful 25 yr old daughter! I just want to offer up to you that healing takes time, never give up on what you feel, intuite within yourself, and keep advocating for what you need to be and feel healthy. The surgery itself is very invasive and your body has to process all that, as well as your nervous system. That part of a woman's body is where we hold our power, where we take in love, and where we create from, so it made sense to me to one day to look at all those elements within me and clean house. And funny enough, once I had my daughter, my endo settled down big time.

I wish you healing and many years of pain free joy!



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