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Discomfort after lap / Exercising / Peeing

Hey all,

So it's week 2 after my laparoscopy where it was confirmed I have endometriosis and it was removed from my bladder, ovaries, pouch of douglas and abdomen walls.

Feeling a bit relieved yet saddened to have it confirmed, I don't think anyone wants endometriosis but at least it explains a lot of my issues I have been having for 10 years +.

I have (with permission of docs!) teased out the last few stitches remaining which is a huge relief (felt tight... Lack of exercise and Christmas probably hasn't helped stitches with a slightly festive expansion of my waist line) so that is all good.

I am, however, finding it quite uncomfortable inside when I pee (and poop - note I do everything not to strain!). It's not the whole time during peeing, just towards the end it seems quite owwy inside. I have spoke to the docs on the phone and said I didn't know if it was just still tenderness from having so much removed from around my bladder or if I could have a bladder infection. Has anyone else experienced similar?

Also, I'm starting to go on daily walks with my pups now. They're about 45mins-1hour long, nothing strenuous and very slow (mainly flat or very slight incline). Towards the end/after I do feel a bit bloated and tender, am I doing too much too soon?

I'm so used to trying to exercise 5 days a week (cardio and weights), plus a minimum of 1 doggy walk a day (well.. that was inbetween when I wasn't in agony with period which was starting to take over permanently). After all this taking it easy and Christmas I'm really chomping at the bit to get back to some kind of regime. Even before in agony I'd drag myself out just to get outside. I'd come back k muddy from having to get down on my hands and knees with cramps/collapses but I'd do it.

How long did it take you all to get back into exercise? I'm not sure when to start giving it a go (will only do very light cardio, no weights or abdomen training). I don't know what discomfort is ok anymore, I'm so used to being in some kind of pain I don't want to start too soon and cause myself to have a longer recovery time. I know I tend to push myself to soon, so am really trying to be sensible!

Amy recovery advice would be fab! Hoping you're all coping as well as can be over the festive period and I do wish everyone some relief and comfort this 2018!

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Hi there, HNY to you. I had 2 laps last year , well actually it was the year before now. Wow 2 years of hell I've been in with my diagnosis. I dont have endo but was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease in Dec 2015. My life has been hell with the after effects, pelvic pain everyday, bleeding with clots. Recurrent infections,Crying, feeling low, can't do certain things anymore because of pain. Right now I'm typing this and feel crap with dizziness and had a very heavy bleed with clots this morning.It's affected every area of my life. I'm sorry to offload on you. I had 2 laps last year to remove scar tissue with the PID . I was in a great deal of pain and the only position I felt comfortable in was lying down. I wasn't very active before but the pain brought me to a complete standstill. I look back now and think should I have pushed myself harder but I did what I thought was right at the time. Only you know how hard to push yourself but do take it easy. I had the 2nd lap after 8 weeks and they removed scar tissue and I felt a bit less pain. I think it's one of the worst areas of your body to have surgery as your pelvic area is where the most weight is distributed when you sit down obviously. Im only 37 and want kids but ive been put back on prostap due to heavy bleeding. The chances of conceiving naturally are practically zero. Feel free to message me back. Goid luck to you xx


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