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New and confused


Hello I am new to this. I went to my gp originally thinking I have a UTI/ kidney infection but all the results came back negative. I then just mentioned that I was bleeding from my bottom and sex is very painful and I normally bleed after. This triggered my gp to send me for a colposcopy where they found like a vien , and the lady doing the colposcopy thought it could be endo, I then had a internal ultrasound and no cysts were found which left me feeling really confused?

My symptoms are extreme pain in my lower tummy and lower back, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, fatigue, pain peeing, extreme painful periods ,

I now being referred to have a laparoscopy.

I don't know if this links to endometriosis but I have had depression for 3 years.

Any information would be greatly appreciated xxxx

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Hi lizzie4040

I am sorry you are struggling so much with your health. Your symptoms sound awful and they do tally up with endo but it's difficult to say. A lap is he right course of action to getting a diagnosis though.

I was diagnosed with endo on the bowls 3 years ago. I suffer with awful tummy ache, constipation, diarrhoea, back pain, nausea, severe bloating.

I have now been referred to a bowel specialist to be looked at further.

I struggle mentally. I have letting people down when I have to cancel plans or call in sick. I feel useless and like I put my partner through a lot so I can relate to the depression.

I ran a marathon earlier this year just to prove I could but it took a severe toll on my body but exercise really does help my mental state. I have just taken up pilates and yoga which are less intense but you still feel like you've done something. Just a suggestion as it does really help with my mood.

Hope you get sorted soo. And the above has helped!

Hi 😮 To me it does sound like endo as I have many of your symptom and have been diagnosed 😮 I thought you couldnt get diagnosed with endo through ultrasound 😮 Hopefully the lap will give you more clarity 😮

in reply to Abi_97

I had an ultrasound before because my doctor thought I had kidney stones or a problem with my gall bladder. I asked if she would be checking my ovaries and womb incase that was the issue and she said the doctor hadnt asked for it but since I asked nice she checked and confirmed they were clear. After asking for a referral to gynae the doctor said my symptoms fit endo but as my ultrasound was clear she didnt think she would find anything but offered a lap as I was suffering so much. During the lap she found stage 1 endo in a few places. I wouldnt put too much trust into an ultrasound x

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