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Don't know what to do ... advice / help please

At around half 6 my normal dull achey pain started, had small bowel movement and took pain killers as usual. My lower legs started feeling weak again as usual and I feel sick from the pain.

I am awaiting my results from my mri scan to see if my endo has embedded into my bowels.

Now it's 8, I'm feeling really lethargic, tired, really cold and my tummy is so so swollen. If I'm honest I feel a little confused too. I keep having random stabbing pains on my left side. I don't really know what to do?!?!?

Any help advice please xx

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I’m sorry you feel so unwell :( I think if you’re concerned you should call 111. Have you got anyone with you that can keep an eye on you? Xxx

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Thank you for replying! Yes luckily me and my boyfriend live together. It's just so frustrating when you feel so ill with the endo and different symptoms occur and you don't know what to do 😔 thank you xxx


Yes it can be very worrying about a bit of a guessing game with new symptoms. Perhaps it would be helpful to write how you’re feeling down and discuss it with your consultant next time you see them? Did you eat something a little different that could be reacting to pain killers? For example

If I take my pain killers (codeine) mid-meal the effects are a lot stronger than if I take them after.

I hope you’re starting to feel a little better now :) xxx


Hay, just read your post, i relate to how your feeling as im feeling the same, iv been like this for a couple of days now, im blaming it on things iv earen over xmas and i now paying for it, my tummy so so swollen and feels like a brick, so heavy and tired no energy no apitite painfull tummy back and ribs shooting pains in my legs and through my lady parts, think my bowels are blocked and it hurts real bad the sick feeling and headaches dont help, i also think endo has lached onto my bowels, awaiting mri scan, all the best in your recovery hope the pain eases and you get the news your wanting to hear what ever that maybe,


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