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10 weeks post excision, cyst?!?

I had excision of endo basically scattered everywhere in October. My left ovary was adhered to my pelvic wall, and so this was released and then I had ovarian suspension for a week to prevent it re-adhering. My right ovary was apparently ok with only a few spots of endo which were removed. My back pain went immediately following surgery, and my pelvic pain has decreased gradually to now nothing. Problem is, over the past month I've had on and off endo type pains on my right hand side, which has now turned into an agonising constant pain. It's like a very intense dull ache in my hip bone that radiates down my leg. Could this be a cyst? I've never had one before so don't know what it feels like, however I do suffer with severe ovulation pain (always have) and it sort of feels like that but constant so I know it's not ovulation pain. Any ideas? I'm not due to see my gynae for another month. Xx

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I had the excast same symptoms back in may after my first lap but just thought it was the coil (first time and also bled badly on it).. I was later involved in a car crash and then went to hospital because the pains got worse.. turns out I had burst two cysts one due to the seatbelt and the other had been burst for over two weeks without realising.. I had the chocolate cyst fluid all up to my livers, stomach etc.. when they did the CT scan i needed to be sent down to theatre ASAP because the infection was that bad it was dangerous, The hospital that I was at werent specialised in gynae however they proceeded and rung for gynae surgeons to come whilst I was asleep, I was on the table for 3.5hours because of how much fluid there was. I woke up in instant relief with a drain to ensure it was all out of my body.

Please you know your body you know the different types of pain and if this is different to your usual and you have a temperature, either phone for emergency gynae app or go to hospital they will do a scan and tell you whether it has or not, it’s simple.. it’ll put your mind at rest.. and it may prevent you getting sepsis like I nearly had!



Just to add on, the symptoms I got was I couldn’t walk, barely able to sit down, loss of appetite, pain relief (oramorph) wouldn’t work I was horrendously bloated and the only position I was comfiest in was on my back legs elevated completely still.. my cysts were on the right and left of my lower abdomen, my temperature was 39.8 at lowest before the op x


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