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Consultation ?- pre (first) lap, what happens ?


I have an appointment this Friday at my local hospital which I am assuming is for a consultation asy Doctor has referred me for a lap to discover if I do have endo. (I haven’t been to the hospital yet, apart from an ultrasound). Im only just 18 and have never been to a gynaecologist before so am worried about what may happen at the consultation, like if it’s just a talk or will I need an exam etc. I am quite anxious about this and any help/information would be great.

Thank you ❤️

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It could be your pre op to check height, weight, blood pressure etc before your operation?

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My first appointment with gynaecologist was pretty much just a talk, he didn’t do any kind of internal exam, only looked at chest and back as he was trying to diagnose polycystic ovaries.

He then told me based on my symptoms he wanted to do laparoscopy and hysteroscopy therefore there was no need to perform internal exam as he wouldn’t be able to see the cause of my unexplained bleeding and pain and he would see everything during those procedures anyway.

I know it’s different for everyone but this was just my experience. I was very nervous before my first consultation too as I didn’t know what to expect. Hope this helps, and good luck. 😊

Also for my pre op it was just like cupcake1617 said. Blood tests, blood pressure, height, weight and a lot of medical questions with a nurse.

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