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day 1 post lap...nothing found, completely lost

Hi everyone,

So here I am, 24 hours ago I was wheeled down to theatre, only discharged at 4:30pm as I was feeling dizzy and sick for the most part of my recovery.

Anyway, they broke the news to me: They found nothing gynea related whilst doing the lap! They just noticed my bowel was dilated and they suggested to go down the route of chronic constipation, except that I am not chronically constipated (only get constipation a few days before my periods on certain months).

I am completely lost, I spent most of last night crying to everyone talking to me. Everybody was saying that is a good thing that they found nothing, but at the same time, I just want some answers as to why I am so much in pain 90% of the time and why it's at it worse when I am on my period.

When I started to consult about my pain, I had no bowel related symptoms, they only came along as the pain got worse overtime (i.e bloating and constipation)...

They now told me to go to my GP if I'm in pain again, which I know I will be as I have been in nearly constant pain for the last 2 years. They still booked me in for a follow-up in 8 weeks to talk about hormonal treatment which confuses me even more!

Needless to say, i am truly lost and I feel no-one is listening to me...

Sorry, rant over! xx

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Odd that they want to treat with hormones anyway.

Was it a endo specialist bsge centre? Did they take pictures? If so can you get the images reviewed by a endo specialist? It's very variable in appearance and some early atypical types are easy to miss for a non specialist general gynae. Eg very small clear bubbles.

If it definitely isn't Endo though that's a good thing to rule out and assuming it is could prevent exploring other diagnoses, Endometritis, PID, Adeno, bowel issues etc.

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Thanks for your reply!

I have no idea if they took pictures, all I got was a discharge letter saying that my uterus and ovaries look fine and no endometriosis or adhesions were found. I am seen by the general gyneacology clinic, there is BSGE centre at the Hospital I went but I was not seen by that clinic directly, however the surgeon who did my lap is part of the endo clinic too (even though she is not a BSGE surgeon, there is only one of them at the hospital and he's got a too long waiting list).

It seems that they are happy I have no gynea issue so I am really confused and have no idea where to start from here...

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Well it's reassuring you were treated by a knowledgeable surgeon. Frustrating to feel it's back to the drawing board. But good to rule out a very sh*tty disease .

Hopefully they will go into their thinking on hormones at the follow up.


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