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Why am I bleeding now!!!

Plz can you help.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo in 2012. Following several operations I was finally sorted out this January (2017), I have had both ovaries removed and the coil fitted. It has worked a treat, I have not had any problems at all until today I woke up and I was bleeding. I was just a bit freaked out by it and was wondering if this is normal. Or could my coil have moved. I have no pain just a bit of bloating.

Maybe I'm panicking too much, but a bit of advice would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Was your Endo fully excised when you had your oopherectomy?

I'm not sure but have heard that mirena does gradually reduce in strength so perhaps its not quite enough to stop periods any more? Or perhaps your Endo is adapting to be a bit hormone resistant.??

Sounds like you need to get it checked out.



Thank you for your reply.

No, not all my endo was removed when I had my oopherectomy.

I didn't realise that the mirena can reduce in strength, i have the lowest strength progesterone only mirena fitted and i have Premarin 0.3mg for Oestrogen. But I have made an appointment to see my Dr in the new year, so thank you again for your advice.

Very kind of you to reply.


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