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Bit of a panic and slightly scared.. Any advice would be really appreciated

Hello all, hope you are okay! I'm looking for some advice or wisdom from you fabulous ladies as I'm really quite concerned at the moment.

Basic back story is my endo was confirmed via laparoscopy earlier this year but I am waiting for a re-referral appointment with my consultant as the usual suspect symptoms have all returned.

My issue is that I'm currently in my week break from the pill and my flow is exceptionally heavier than usual. I usually don't suffer heavy periods just excruciating pain, but I came on last night and have overflowed my mooncup four times since this morning, which equates to about 48ml of blood in less than 24hrs (the "normal" amount for the entire period is supposedly 40-60ml). I usually empty the cup 3 times a day and it is normally half ish full.

I'm also worried as the pain I experienced last night was ridiculously intense, I was crying within seconds and almost passed out. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before, and my periods are usually incredibly painful. I also passed some large clots this morning and have been dosed up on codeine all day due to the pain.

So I'm basically just looking for some advice as to whether this is something I should see someone about tomorrow, as I'm concerned, scared and in a lot of pain.

I've just realised how long this message is so thank you if you've read this far and I'd really welcome any and all advice possible! X

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Oh dear I’m so sorry that’s happening to you!

I would definitely go get checked and tell them all of your symptoms and how much blood you’re passing. They may not be able to do anything right away, but they may be able to help with the pain for the time being. It may not be serious, but if there’s something worrying you it is always worth it to get checked just in case since our bodies can be unpredictable.

I really hope you get the help you need soon!! Xxx


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