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Hi I found this group while googling information about bowel endometriosis. I have had an ultrasound of the gallbladder, a CT scan, a H pylori test(which I have hx of) and a HIDA scan. Everything came back negative but still waiting for results for the H pylori test. Oh and in the process of scheduling a endoscopy procedure to rule out if I have ulcers or gastritis. But reading about endometriosis, I feel that is what’s going on with me. I’m 45 have had 5 pregnancies which included an emergency c-section. I have been dealing with constipation issues for years. But for 2 weeks now I have been experiencing severe abdominal and pelvic pain. I can’t work cause the pain is so bad. I’M SO TIRED OF PAIN!

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Hi, sorry to hear your havin a tough time. I hope the pain stops for you soon. I’ve only just worked out I’ve had endermetriosis since 2012 but because every all my tests I had came back clear I clear I got misdiagnosed and sent away. I started the journey again this year and went to the doctors and had referrals to different hospitals and departments. Eventually I ended up at the gyno department. I got referred for an MRI scan - they found inflammation on my bowel. I was actually pleased with my results as after years of people not believing me they found something. I then had a colonoscopy which also showed endermetriosis and polyps which they removed. The procedure was quite painful due to my endo.

If you are thinkin it could be bowel related endo I would consider asking for an MRI scan. My CT scans were always clear. I also have constipation problems and stomach cramps and no energy, ohh and back pain. (The list goes on)

I really hope you get sorted soon. Just remember you aren’t on your own and things will get easier once you get your diagnosis xxx


Thank you Swats, yes an MRI scan was one of the radiologist comments if my symptoms don’t go away. But I am scheduled to get a endoscopy done, I really hope that reveals something. You mentioned no energy and for a while now I haven’t been having any. I thought it was strange after I would go walking I would feel very tired and I usually would have energy after walking. I felt like that for a while before I started having pain. Thank you for your reply. I do hope I get diagnosed soon. Cause this pain is no joke 😔


Yes the no energy is rubbish. I used to go to the gym 5 times a wk but I’ve not been getting as much these days as had good and bad days. Certain moves in the classes hurt my stomach and back 😂 so it’s frustrating my endo is affecting my workouts. The gym has always helped to clear my head though when I’ve been feeling down and fed up. My doctor has given me Naproxen tablets - they are stronger than ibuprofen. I think they are helping. Will try anythin. She said a lot of the tablets have to come from the hospital but some medication has side effects and to be honest I don’t think I could cope with any more problems. Hope you get sorted soon and really hope the pain stops for you I know it’s horrible x

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