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Post laparoscopy pains

Hi ladies,

Looking for some advice please. It’s been 1 week since my lap and my recovery though slow has been improving daily with one caveat. I some extreme pains on the left abdomen from my ribs to my hip. Anyone else experienced this before? I asked the nurse when changing my dressing yesterday but she didn’t examine it, instead told me that left side pain is normal and can last months 😒.

The pain subsides when I lie down only. And walking is a chore, it’s either very difficult/painful and always slow. Not sure if I should go to A&E or just lie down and keep still!

I appreciate any insight.

Thanks lovelies

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Hi! I think the pain you're getting is completely normal so I wouldn't worry. By the end of the first week I was still waddling around like a duck - remember my parents took me to the cinema and I couldn't walk out so my dad had to drag me along like I was the old one haha!

I do remember getting pain on the left hand side but this went away gradually - are you taking any painkillers?

I went back to work after two weeks and was still feeling a little bit groggy and like the stitches were 'pinching', so don't worry about feeling perfect for the first few weeks, just take your time, relax and get some Netflix on :)


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Thanks a lot. This is my second lap and with the first I didn’t have this much pain and just ‘bounced’ back to my usual self within a week. I guess I’m measuring myself against the previous one where I had little pain. I only take the painkillers when experiencing mild or more pains I suppose I should take it more often and sit still! 🙈

Good to know the left side pain is fairly normal/expected. It hurts a lot! 🤕

Thanks again for replying xx


I had the same pains last week which was also 1 week post op, a week on and the pain has mostly subsided. Rest lots is my only advice! Hope this helps, get well soon x

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Thanks, you too! xx


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