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Lower left abdomin pain with vaginal discharge

Has anyone ever suffered from dull/aching pain constantly on your lower left abdomin that radiates to your back? This pain associates with black/brownish discharge sometimes mild to moderate usually happend 2weeks after period? I was diagnose with stage 4 rectovaginal endometrisis. I had my laparoscopic surgery in May 2017 but felt like this time the pain getting worst. Pain is everyday now especially during night.

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I constantly have lower left aching dull or extremely sharp that shoots around the back or to my lower right side, along with blood in bowel movements when due on, on and coming off about one week. I had endo on my bowel in 2008ish but it was shaved since then the pain is back but I'm due a colonoscopy end of the month to see if anything is going on the inside of my bowel.


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