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Hysterectomy the light at the end of the tunnel

Following my post about a month ago explaining where I have got to and he horrible side effects of zolodex. I broke down in tears yesterday from shock and happiness. After 7 years or fighting, living with menstral bleeding so heavy I couldn’t leave the house, loosing my career from it my marriage. Being out into menopause at 28. Now at 30 and ten gynaecologists later I had the phone call to book my hysterectomy date for 19 November. The end is so close to my hell that has been my 20s I cannot wait for my 30s being the time I get my life back!

So to those that are still fighting keep going you will get there in the end!

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Congratulations it is a horrid nightmare and I’m on the same path. My gynae dr insisted I try Zoladex before we go down hysterectomy route. I’m having injection 3 on Friday and I’m not enjoying the ride! I feel my life has been absorbed by this bloody condition (19 years now !) and I’m struggling. I hope the surgery helps and fingers crossed mine agrees in January when I go back for review. 11 days good luck & best wishes xx

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