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Symptoms and first consultation- 4th December


I have recently been going through ivf but this had to be stopped as they discovered the severity of endometriosis- primarily through scans. My ovaries are stuck together behind my womb and slightly twisted- each has an endometrioma approximately 4cm + on each side. The left being slightly worse. These are my symptoms and I was wondering if anyone could identify with these???


* Period- excruciating pain- sharp and dull ache, cannot stand up properly and straighten out, makes me feel faint due to the pain. Bowels are extremely painful- very difficult to go due to the pain, lower abdomen pain also when urinating. Heavy bleeding/flooding/clots for full 7 days. When on period feel like womb is a hard melon, very swollen

* Rest of the month-

* Left sided pain-dull ache (constant) to my left lower abdo, hip/pelvic area around to my lower back-into my groin and down my leg. Heat patches take edge of this

* Extremely swollen stomach-slightly more on left side, tender to touch, difficult to lie down, get comfortable. Unable to wear certain clothes

* Bowel pains- pain when opening bowels in lower abdomen area. Sharp then dull ache afterwards

* Urinary- very prone to cystitis/urine infections/kidney infections had multiple in last year

* Been anaemic multiple times/iron deficient

* Gluten intolerant and IBS symptoms

* Pain during sex- internal sharp pains, burning feeling, ache to lower left abdomen

* Constantly tired- very difficult to gain any energy

* Nausea- especially when pain is bad, sometimes this is constant, lose interest in food

* Feeling like something is attached inside my left abdomen/twisted and sensation of “pulling” when I move or walk

* Heavy full sensation in my lower abdomen constantly

I have been referred to an endometriosis centre and I have my first consultation on the 4th December... I am very nervous about this and wondered could anyone tell me what happened for them?



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Thankyou so so much for your reply. It’s so nice to just find someone who understands. I hate the thought of just being here waiting and things getting worse. Especially with symptoms everyday. The pain is really getting me down at the moment. And had a terrible experience at the ivf clinic which we will be complaining about. It’s beginning to affect my job- I am a nurse and I am struggling. I just can’t wait for 4th December to see the outcome




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