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Laparoscopy and adenomyosis

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Hi I’m due to have my operation on the 6th nov and my gynaecologist was reluctant to do it as she seems to think it’s just bowl related, when I know I do not have problems with my bowl. All my tests and scans show otherwise that I have cysts and adenomyosis. She said if it shows nothing then I have to see a bowl specialist. They gave me the mirena coil, but that was just to mask the problem I thought. The pain in my womb area and pelvis is horrendous. Anyone else been told the same from their gynaecologist.? Thanks ladies for reading

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I went to see an endo specialist who told me the pain I was getting is actually in my bowel and not my womb, but I have all the symptoms of endo so I'm holding out hope until the day of the lap, at least if he thinks something is up with it he might be able to check the area to and make sure it's ok. Have you tried cutting down on gluten or dairy, or any other foods you notice that might make the pain worse? might be worth making a note of what you eat and the pain levels to take in to them to show x

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Hey thank you for the reply, I have cut down on a lot of foods and drink and I’ve noted do n the pain levels ect so I’m hoping they actually read it and take me serious as it’s horrible as I have 2 very young children and I can hardly do anything with them when I have a flare up and I look 6months pregnant most flare up days xx

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Bless that must be difficult! I gave up gluten a year ago and have been told to give up dairy which I'm struggling with given I hate the taste of the alternatives, it would destroy me to have no endo found at the lap because I've spent so long in pain I couldn't imagine it being anything else!

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I know that feeling the no dairy milk is disgusting as my son has to have dairy free so I have it with him to show it’s nice 😷 having almond milk on coffee is far too disgusting. I’m not like if with how the gynaecologist was with me she was rude as she was like I doubt I will find anything but scans say otherwise. But that’s mk hospital for you. Hope you are okay.? Xx

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