Evening ladies, I have Adenmyosis does anyone have conested blood vessals caused by this? I have them in my womb and bladder due to the blood not flowing correctly. I have just been told this in more detail, as I cancelled my Hysterectomy as unsure whether this was the only option, unfortunately it is.

I also have a racing heart beat which drives me mad! Also sometimes high blood pressure does anyone suffer from these with their Adenomyosis?

Thanks lovelies x

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  • Hi there, I have adenomyosis too & am awaiting a hysterectomy now. I suffer from many side effects because of this condition but I don't think high blood pressure is one. I do often get a rapid heartbeat, mostly this happens when I'm anaemic, which is a common occurrence with adenomyosis. I'm not sure if you're aware of this website but it's really

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