Evening ladies, I have Adenmyosis does anyone have conested blood vessals caused by this? I have them in my womb and bladder due to the blood not flowing correctly. I have just been told this in more detail, as I cancelled my Hysterectomy as unsure whether this was the only option, unfortunately it is.

I also have a racing heart beat which drives me mad! Also sometimes high blood pressure does anyone suffer from these with their Adenomyosis?

Thanks lovelies x

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  • Hi there, I have adenomyosis too & am awaiting a hysterectomy now. I suffer from many side effects because of this condition but I don't think high blood pressure is one. I do often get a rapid heartbeat, mostly this happens when I'm anaemic, which is a common occurrence with adenomyosis. I'm not sure if you're aware of this website but it's really

  • I post late but yes I have same symptoms and some others too, its just a misserable disease, did you get you hysterectomy yet? let me know if you can

  • Can this show up on stomach ultrasound or transvaginal scan?

  • transvaginal ultrasound but by a endo specialist (not all gynecologist see it) or MRI

  • Oh okay I’m seeing a gynae on Thursday and idk if they are endo specialist

  • Hi Princess k09. If you have Adenomyosis it may show up on an MRI scan. However, just because it is not visible on an MRI scan does not mean that adenomyosis is not present.

  • My doctor thinks it might be endo as I suffer bad pains before and during my period, painful sex etc

  • check their CV or opinion on the internet, dont go waste your money on normal gynecologist, I did that wasted so much money and told me im fine and that I should see pshyhologist..dont go through that, I was tough, but still im crying when I think of all dr's I saw untill I found one who knew! check them up before you see them !

  • I don’t know who my gynae is until Thursday and I want to cry rn from the pain in my back and stomach. Plus I’ve gone through the nhs as I can’t afford private

  • I hope he can help you, g luck, it will be a long process , im was struggling for the past 3 years in pain, im getting my hysterectomy finally...but I had to go through all their conditions, I now have 4 surgeries and treatements and monitor but all failed. Im on visanne still no periods but still pain, I cant say which is the worse adenomyosis or endometriosis. Iv been told by my gynecologist adeno hurts more...because its deeper..

  • Yeah I really hope it’s not a long process as it’s affecting my future career in sport as I can’t practice around my period etc

  • sorry to say that but its for life adenomyosis and endometriosis, I had to stay single because of painful sex and orgasm plus had to give up to job ,all I did was hospitals, I really hope you dont have any of these, :(((( it ruined my life my sleep and everything

  • It only gets worse around my period and my bf is quite supportive of whatever happens and says we will get through anything together etc.

  • hope so, I dont trust guys, they have needs, the pain im in it made me dump my bf , didnt want to be touched anymore, oh and be ready for dr advice for you to do a kid earlier if you have any of these, later will be complicated but not necessarly

  • I’m only 18 so he might not mention having kids early. I know my doctor said it can affect my ability to have kids though which upset me a little

  • Oh god it's a nightmare x poor you x

  • Hi Girls, sorry I haven't been on here and replied, adenymosis is difficult to diagonise, mine was by an internal scan, it was originally mistaken as fibroids, I was then told I had congested blood vessels caused by blood flowing incorrectly to or from my womb, I still have pain every day, going to the toilet and sex is exscruciating, I have a hysterectomy now booked in two weeks time as I have put it of for four years!!! 😖😖😖

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