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Has anyone seen this Guardian article re periods and associated issues?

I saw this this evening. The article was written off the back of the new Bodyform advert which, if it is creating this type of discussion, I can not see as being bad.


The above article, which stated that severe pain is 'not normal' hit me like a tonne of bricks. Because I am being told (and have been told for years) that it is normal. I was in fact told last week that going through 5 super tampons in just over an hour is normal. That shedding huge blood clots is normal. That pain so severe that my husband wanted to call an ambulance is normal.

And now I'm fuming. Fuming that a week after I sent a complaint to the practice manager at my doctor's surgery I still have not had a response.

Anyway, that's off my chest at least. Knew I would be understood here.

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Thanks for sharing the article, there was some other links to useful articles about diagnosis & other women's experiences that are well worth a read.

You are definately understood here, I've had similar experiences with the pain too. It's very distressing at times xx

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Hi, you are totally understood here. What youbhave described is not normal and the fact that a week later you still have not had a reply from the practice manager is also terrible.

I hope you can get some answers and better treatment. May I suggest googling the new NICE guidelines for endo, it was published this sept, it will help make your case for a referral and not being fobbed off. X

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Thank you, I will do that now :)


There is alsoba document caled ESHRE too, its long but just pull the sections that relate to you :-)


Hurrah for the Guardian!!

Next we want it on the front cover ... and then we want it in every newspaper - all of them - and on the news, and the TV, Cinema, billboards, adverts etc..

They make millions out of us in tampons, sanitary towels, hygiene stuff and so on, so at least they can tell it like it is!! Demand red blood, plus sensible warnings and soundbites in all the papers, magazines, TV and so on.

Endo Women of the world unite!! Your Mission - should you choose to accept it - is to make agonising period pain, massive blood clots, repeated surgery, infertility, ignorant, sneering bosses and colleagues, and mimsy-pimsy adverts a thing of the past.

How about 'Endo Warrior' badges???

Cheers, Gritty


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