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Endo returned?

Wondering if anyone has any advice :/

I had a lap in May last year to remove endo in my pelvis. My consultant prescribed taking the pill back to back to keep symptoms at bay, but after a few months of taking it I had so many issues (my migraines became horrendous, and it turns out I had post-op 'free' blood in my system which couldn't escape, which was causing me to double over in pain - not to mention my moods etc were awful) I decided to come off it.

I was recommended the Mirena coil, but due to feeling pretty traumatised from everything above, I decided to let my body rest for a few months.

In the past few months though, my periods have become increasingly problematic and painful again - awful period pain lasting a week after my period has ended, sore when putting tampons in, pelvic pain after sex and lasting 48-72 hours, terrible bloating and nausea.

Now, I have this persistent right-sided throbbing pain (which also gets worse after sex) where I can only describe as my ovary area. I went to my GP last week who is sending me for an ultrasound to check for cysts, but I can't help feeling that my symptoms are all just reminiscent of my endo, though my GP didn't seem to want to listen to this and insisted it's probably Mittelschmerz (even though I was no way near ovulating) and stress-related *yawn*.

Does anyone have any suggestions about whether I should get a referral? Can it return that quickly?

Thanks xx

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