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Post op consultation today

So I have my post op consultation this afternoon.. not sure what to expect or what’s going to be said really.

She gave me a brief description on what she had done during the surgery after I woke up, but very brief.

So today I’m exactly 5 weeks post op, still haven’t had a period, took a pregnancy test this morning and negative, I know it could still be early, just wanted to be able to say this afternoon it’s negative. But do you ever just get that ‘feeling’ where you just know it’s not going to happen.

Just not really sure what to expect. She did say next option was clomid, but not sure how I feel about that! The chance of having multiples terrifies me!

And because my surgery was privately funded, I’d have to go back to my NHS Gp for clomid as that won’t be funded, that will be interesting! As they never listened to me before!

Stressed, anxious and worried!

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