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Tramadol and being at work

I went to see my GP this morning about my pain and headaches, and she has prescribed me tramadol.

She has signed me off work for a week, as I havent taken tramadol before and she thinks ill need time off for my body to adjust to taking it.

I spoke to HR at work and they’ve said if I want to come back to work early then I’ll need to go back to the dr to get a form saying I’m fit to comeback to work.

Has anyone else been signed off work? I work at a behavioural school so the kids are very challenging. The pain is on and off but this week I’ve had a lot.

Apparently I’m not to drive on tramadol either.

I guess I’m more worried as I won’t be paid!! And statutory pay is so rubbish isn’t it. I’m wondering if I should go to dr on Monday and get a note saying I can work, as there’s half term in a week, and start taking the tablets then?? Ahh I don’t know!! She also said she thinks I ‘need’ the week off too...

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My doctor said I'm fine to drive 6 hours after taking tramadol, but I work 8 hour shifts so I take it when I get in to work and bite the bullet for 2 and a half hours before I can go home and take more, id check with your doctor/pharmacist though! I was very against being signed off and wanted to return to work but it was only when I accepted it I realised how sick I was and you probably need that one week, doctors don't sign you off for no reason, but if you feel you want to return I'd speak to your doctor, x


Hi. I'm self employed so didn't get signed off but it's definitely worth it as I felt worse to start with but it helped in the long run with pain management. I'm partially sighted and can't drive so I'm not sure on that. Hope it helps you. Xxx


Hi, i am currently signed off as had surgery 4 days ago, cant drive atm, but wouldnt on tramadol anyway, it affects my brain and thinking. I would say try them when you arent at work. I have taken 2 50mg this morning and my brain is fuzzy.

I know ssp sucks but its hard when you are trying to be well, not stressed and paying the bills. X


Definitely take the sick leave as much as it doesn't pay well for being on the sick your health is more important.

I was off sick for 2 weeks and went back as that's all my company would cover me with sick pay. The only reason I went back is because I needed the money. 3 days into work and I have had to go back on the sick for another 2 weeks and I have set back my healing process. (Had endo removed)

It's not worth more pain just for work.

I only had tramadol at the hospital after my operation and I was very much off my face. I know for me I couldn't take it on a regular basis as it was just to strong so I have been taking codeine. But everyone is different. I probably wouldn't drive.

Hope you find a solution.


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