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Coil doesn't seem to be working any advice?

Hi guys, I have had my coil about 4 weeks now and I have bled every day since but only this last week has it been quite heavy i have also been getting pains pretty regular (granted they aren't as bad as they were) but it just feels like this isn't working and it's getting me down has anyone else been through the same and have any advice regarding this situation. Thanks in advance x

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Apparently it's normal to bleed for up to 6 weeks post insertion. I bled right up till the sixth week, but you might be having a period right now.

I've had trouble with the pain now for about 8-9 weeks to the point I can't move. I was told that the pain can last up to about 3-6 months, but if you get heavy bleeding that continues and a pain that gets worse maybe go back and get an ultrasound just to make sure.

The cramping pain is your body trying to expel it because it's a foreign body. I wouldn't worry too much unless it seems to get worse then definitely question it. It's still early days but if you feel it's not working then definitely go back.

Hope everything settles down for you. I'm not a professional, just know what I've been told and my experience but if you feel something is wrong then always listen to your gut! Xx


It sounds like it is working Hun. My first time getting it, it took nearly 6 months to settle and feel like it was working. Second time round and it is just starting settle after 3 months. It really does take ages which is disheartening but stick with it if you feel your periods are already a little better. That's the main benefit of having it. It doesn't cure anything it just makes the endo more bearable. I still got endo pain daily


I think the doctors push the mirena coil on women too frequently. I had one inserted st the time of my laparoscopy, I had no end of trouble. Pain was worse, bled constantly, constant peeing, hot sweats and I started to lose my hair. Doctors were not happy when I asked after 4 months to have it removed, I just couldn't stand it. I'm 40 and still on the contraceptive pill which for me is the only thing that has helped. I hope whatever you decide to do you start to feel better soon.


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