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New on here & in need of advice please

Hi everybody, i have just joined here so new to this but i am after some information, i recently had a laparoscopy done (3 weeks ago) which my surgeon said i have signs of endometriosis & 2 large fibroids, they put in the mirena coil to help shrink the fibroids but a few weeks on i am still pretty swollen & in alot of pain, i am meant to take pain meds but suffer wae stomach problems so cant stay on them long, can anyone suggest any tips on pain management. I have also found i suffer mood swings is this normal, i have done my own research as not been told much so any advice would be helpful. I have to go back for results etc in December but any advice till then to help me will be grateful for.

Thanks x

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My advice is changing your diet to cut out gluten cut down on dairy and eat lots of veg 🤔 Also take extra vitamins or friendly bacteria 😮Get lots of rest ( I currently have stomach pain because I had disturbed sleep) and take up yoga 🤔 They've all halped me slightly I can eat now without getting stomach pains its supposed to help while you are on your period but since I've been on this diet I've not been on my period 😱


I was bloated for about 3 months after both my ops.

The Mirena gave me pelvic pain and low mood unfortunately so I took it out after a 5 month try.

Taking meals including ginger and turmeric are good for inflammation or supplements.

This is a good nutrition guide



You could try b12 or magnesium (lotion, sprays or Epsom salts) for low mood and sleep disturbance.

Avoid ibuprofen for painkillers as it can damage your stomach. Meditation and acupressure or tens might be non surgical avenues for you to explore.

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