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Ruptured Cyst

Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone can help? I have suffered from endo since I was about 16. I have had 2 surgeries. Like many people on this forum I have become accustomed to the flare ups, pain etc. My endo is on the left hand side ovaries and uterosacral ligament.

On Weds night my partner had to rush me into A&E for the first time ever. I woke in so much pain I couldn't move after crawling to the car and the worst journey of my life. I was diagnosed with a ruptured cyst, The hospital were fantastic extremely thorough and kept me all night carrying out observations to check for complications.

My question is after all my rambling. The pain and cyst was on my right hand side. That has eased now but it seems to have caused a flare up on my left hand side where my endo is. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone know why this is?

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