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Adenomyosis: is Mirena suitable?

Hi all,

I've had Adenomyosis for a number of years and it sucks. I'm 49 and am praying for menopause in the hope it'll solve it.

Currently, I'm having issues with low ferritin (iron stores), this has been ongoing for years after constantly spotting with IUDs.

I was told I have fibroids many years ago but they've not been mentioned on last scans. They only mention Adenomyosis.

My GP wants me to have Mirena for heavy periods. But my periods are all over the place as I'm 49 and likely coming towards menopause, my periods are not heavy all the time but can be missed or prolonged. Even so my ferritin drops after a period and it stays low end of normal .. not great for hair.

I was told by a consultant not to use IUDs again as they'd caused the continuous spotting and I get recurring polyps.

I also have concerns about hair loss as I've had bad hair loss and alopecia areata recently. Partly autoimmune and partly low iron stores.

Also, I never suited the pill and developed horrible (strong) mood swings.

I'm in a difficult situation really. I could have menopause in a few months or a few years. I had a very painful hysteroscopy last year, I'm anatomically smaller/tighter in the cervix area and canal to the womb, they almost had to abandon the procedure as I was almost passing out in pain.

Anyway, any thoughts or similar experiences very welcome.

Thank you.

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I am 40 with Adenomyosis, also suffering from severe anemia.

I finally was able to get an iron infusion couple of months ago and it's unbelievable how much better I feel. My hemoglobin was 8 before, now is up to 11.8, big difference. the oral iron doesn't keep up with the blood loss and is not absorbed properly either. I also checked into zinc levels and they were low. Zinc and iron deficiency cause hormone problems, hair loss, skin issues and of course mood swings. I am taking 100 mg of zinc daily and the hair loss is finally under control.

I am sorry for your problems, Adeno is horrible.. do you have kids?

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Great to hear that you got the infusion and feel much better.

My zinc is normally on the low side, below range, I take supplements that contain zinc, not sure how much...probably RDA.

Yes, Adenomyosis is horrible, not good when you have to push for help. The only reason I'm having iron tablets now is due to a sudden hair loss and a dermatologist advising my GP that ferritin needs to be at least half way between range. Mine is 23 at present.

I'm sorry for your problems too.


Hi dangermouseme,

Sorry to hear you're low in ferritin- i had the same issue. Personally, a good B vitamin complex (which includes B6 and B12), Magnesium, Zinc and Collagen (i take fish based), and eating more good fats helped me a lot. Its always good to ask your GP for any specific multivitamin/mineral recommendations, do your own research, and try & test what works for your body.

Take care,



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