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Hi I am having a lap on the 28th of this month and they are putting the mernina coil in at the same time, I was diagnosed over 25 years ago through a lap and was told it was fused to my bowels, i am having a lap now as sex is so painful and have constant period pain aches eve tho not on a period, also bleeding last lot of bleeding was for 43 day, what I wanted to know was what will they do ? will they try and remove the endo or is it just to check how bad it is x

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Hi, you need to ask them this before your surgery... A lap can be just diagnostic, but it can also involve treatment by ablation or excision of the endometriosis. Did no one explain what would be involved?


No just told me I am having a lap to check the endo and will put the meirena coil in x


That makes it sounds like they don't plan any treatment. My gynae also suggested a lap just to check what was going on, so we could then discuss treatments afterwards. If you haven't had one for a while, that makes some sense. But good to check what you are consenting to before you go under...


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