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ADVICE NEEDED! Gynaecology Appt unless!!! :(

Hi, this is my first post and would be so grateful for any advice! :) sorry in advance for the length of the post...

So I'll start at the beginning... since I first got my period at 11/12 I have had heavy and very painful periods. There was no regular pattern and 9/10 I would bleed for weeks on end, the longest being 2 months! This was so draining and would be relentless, the bleeding would be so heavy it would often soak through my clothes and cause me to feel dizzy and sick. The pains that came along side the bleeding were just as bad! My stomach would swell and I would be doubled over in pain. In between these heavy periods I would still have bleeding in between.

I then began trying contraception(doctors advice) to help, started off with the pill, onto the depot Injection and then the most recent was the implant. For the past 7 months I haven't been on any contraception because I felt none made any difference and the side effects on top of my symptoms was a nightmare!

Within the past 3 months I have been to A&E 3 times due to extreme sharp pains on my right side along with a long list of other symptoms. They ruled out appendicitis and done countless blood tests and then finally referred me to gynaecology.

At my appointment I have a pelvic exam and internal scan which were both very painful!! However my doctor was useless, she basically told me the scan showed my ovary was enlarged and I was inflamed but didn't suggest anything was wrong. She told me "some girls just suffer with their periods" and told me birth control was my only option and if that didn't work I would need my womb scraped away.

Any advice on experiences with gynaecology and what my next step should be would be so helpful!thanks x

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According to the new NICE guidelines, you should be referred to see a gynaecologist with special interest in endometriosis first. If the condition deemed severe then you should be referred to a BSGE centre. Check the link in my previous post on the guidelines.

I would find out the right gynaecologist first. Normally hospital website will give you details of the consultant special interest. Then go back to your GP and asked to be referred to right consultant.

Hope this helps


I completely agree with stellauk. The new nice guidelines are good you could print out a copy to take with, i have taken copies of some documents along to appt. I found it helped me to be taken seriously and not fobbed off. X


Go see another specialist.

I've had the worst periods for 11 years and was prescribed strong pain killers because I just had 'bad' periods. I should have been diagnosed years ago but it just took finding a very good gynae to get it sorted. He told me I had it after only one consultation. GPs won't even think of it.


Thank you! I'll definitely have a look at those guidelines and go back to my GP and ask to be referred.

Has anyone every experienced extremely light and late periods with endo? This is new to me as I've always have heavy ones.


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