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First laprocospy

Hello, i’ve not ever done anything like this before but I feel a bit lost. Had my first op last week and still had no results back just a discharge summary saying a diognois of endometriosis. I’m 21 and I’m not really sure what the future holds. I’ve always wanted children etc and now it just feels like it might be an impossible dream, I’ve suffered with the symptoms since I started my periods and I Just can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel anymore! Just looking for some advice and other people’s stories so I know a bit more about it, thankyou

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Do you have a follow up appointment to discuss your treatment? The main thing is you have been diagnosed and will get treated, and because your still young you have the time.

It's understandable to feel lost, we all do when we get diagnosed, but you're not alone you have us here for you, so any questions or advice, or just a main we are here . Big hugs xxxx


No, I haven’t heard anything since my op and haven’t even got an appointment through yet when I rang up they told me it had only been a week so I just need to wait and they can’t tell me anything over the phone so looks like it’s just another waiting game! The gyne told me I would get the results on the day after my op but they didn’t tell me in the end, thankyou it means a lot! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one going through it because I don’t know anyone with it xxxx

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So sorry to hear your suffering but at least you have a diagnosis Hun.

This forum is brilliant to talk to others in the same situation, if you haven’t heard about a follow up appointment within the next few days I would try ringing gynae department again or get in with your GP see if they can help with anything you should definitely have a follow up to tell you exact what they found and the next steps xx


Definitely continue to follow up with your doctor. An endo diagnosis does not mean you'll be infertile. It all depends on where the endo has been found, and how advanced it is. You're very lucky- you're young and they've found it early.


I’d go to your GP and ask them if they know anything in the meantime while your waiting for a follow up with your gynae. Im 19 and had my diagnostic lap 3 weeks ago and he came and saw me after it and told me even though he found endo and my left ovary was stuck he checked my tubes and said there should be no reason why I can’t have a baby in the future. This could be the same case for you so don’t worry about it being impossible x


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