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Bowel endo

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So I had a laparoscopy 2 weeks and found nothing

But my symptoms remain the same especially round my cycle when I open my bowel! The pain is escrutating I could pass out!! And sharp shooting pains up my anal passage!!

Could it be bowel related endo and would he of checked that?? Or do I need a different procedure to check that?

Anyone help??


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Were you operated on by an endo specialist?

Hi KLM - I do have endo and also had similar trouble as you describe in relation to your bowel. My gynae consultant said it was not endometriosis on my bowel and asked me to go back to my GP who then referred me to a colorectal surgeon who arranged for me to have a sigmoidoscopy and then a colonoscopy to see if they could find anything. Is it maybe worth doing something similar?


I have a similar issue, have really bad bowel issues but my laparoscopy was clear on my bowels.

I can't be much help at this stage, but the other replies are more helpful.

Sorry this is happening to you, if we are having similar pain, which it sounds like, it's awful.

Have you been recommended anything at all? A follow up with a GP or nurse?

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