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I was curious to see if anyone like me during daily life with weakness, gets stitches easy, feel like they are constantly pulling muscles by their ribs, nausea and massive pain in the morning that doesnt always go away, back pain, nausea and stomach pain after eating sometimes like you cant eat much, weight lose, constipation and I have recently developed asthma. I dont know if my symptoms are a cause of endo or a results of a stomach bug because all occured after the bug but I have had my period symptoms for years.

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Given the stomach connections I wonder if you have some gut imbalance issue after your illness so I wonder if pro biotics might be worth a try.

There is believed to be a connection between gut and digestion, immune system and Endo.


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Abi_97 in reply to Starry

Thank you for sharing that information. I have tried taking probiotics but they didnt help massively so taking multi vitamins and minerals now.

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Starry in reply to Abi_97

The whole probiotic things is so complex and a minefield , I'm reading most normal ones are too weak in strains and count so looking into high strength one's with scientific evidence behind them.


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