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Miscarriage after endometriosis and laparoscopy, in need of some happy stories

After 18 months of trying to conceive and a laparoscopy to remove endo in May, I was so excited to finally be pregnant and should be 10 weeks today. Very sadly though I have been diagnosed with a missed miscarriage and am now waiting for the inevitable. I'm really at a very low point and terrified that I won't be able to conceive again. Has anyone else had a miscarriage soon after laparoscopy but gone on to have a successful natural pregnancy? IVF is not really an option for us as our CCG have suspended funding. I know it is encouraging that we conceived soon after the lap but I am scared that the endo will come back before it happens again. Really I'm just devastated and feeling pretty hopeless for the future :(

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Hi i haven't tried for a baby yet so can't give you any happy stories or anything! But all I can say is don't give up and keep thinking positively!! Understandably you will be feeling low but try not suppress this feelings because you won't be able to move on so just feel the emotions and then pick your self up and try again 👌🏻👌🏻 and just think if it doesn't work in the future then there are so many other options for having children and you are not alone! I honestly wish you all the luck in the future and I hope you you get what you want x


Hi I was trying for 2.5 years then had major surgery to remove stage 4 endo. And 4 months later I was pregnant and carried to full time, she is now 2 so yes it can and does happen. X


Hi there, I don't have an happy ending yet but our stories sound very similar. We'd been trying for two years before having two laparoscopies to remove severe endo. I amazingly got pregnant three months after my last lap but I also went on to have a missed miscarriage at about 7 weeks. Since then We've been trying for another year and had no luck and we're just waiting on some test results to see if we can start ivf at the end of this month. My due date has come and gone and I feel robbed to be honest. T I'm sorry I can't give you a happy story yet but my only advice is just hang in there, give yourself time to grieve over what's just happened and both give yourself a break. Infertility is a hard and difficult journey. I'd be interested to hear any body else's stories of hope xx


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