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Should I take Livial? Also, Prostap & Alcohol interacting?!

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Hi ladies, I’m currently on injection number 3 of Prostap for Mild Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, cysts on my ovaries and suspected pelvic congestion, (I also have Fibromyalgia)! I’m only 22 :(

I am seeing the consultant tomorrow for a check-up and was originally told that after 3 months I would HAVE TO take Livial if I wanted to have another 3 months of Prostap so I’m guessing I need to make that decision at my appointment tomorrow. What are your experiences of being on both together?

Currently on just Prostap:

I have no periods, pretty much NO gynae pain, my sex-drive & ‘dryness’ is absolutely fine no problems there at all, I have gained weight but that’s definitely more due to my eating habits than injections! My joints ache and I get a lot of cramp which could be due to Fibro but is worse since the injections. I already suffered with anxiety which is now 10x worse, I don’t have mood swings as such but I get more angry than I ever have before if somebody bugs me. I don’t sleep AT ALL and have just started with night sweats (but can cope with the odd hot flush during the day). Based on this, is it worth me going on Livial or would that not influence these side-effects for the better anyway?

To be honest I feel like I could cope with another 3.5 months of these symptoms if they were to stay this way but obvioulsy if they could be helped without any more messing about that would be good.

I have the Mirena coil too, plus Prostap and now I’m wondering if there will be any benefit of me interfering with hormones with yet another pill?!

Also, has anybody had problems with alcohol whilst having Prostap? I’ve not bene advised to avoid alcohol but I’ve always been a loving, fun drunk. The 2 times I have drank since having Prostap I have become argumentative and nasty and been VERY ill the next day?!

Thanks in advance x

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I've struggled with alcohol since becoming ill with Endo. It puts a strain on the liver which is important in hormone regulation and yours is probably in a state of shock with the chemical menopause already.

I was utterly unable to function on GnRh without tibilone / livial. There is a good chance it will tone down the flashes and possibly the mental symptoms it should also help protect your bone density a little. Which is a known issue with GnRh

Research suggests it's not Endo stimulating so the risk of giving it a go is low. If you don't get on with it you can stop or change.


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