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Help advise and support will be much appreciated

Hi everyone im new on here my name is Tia and I'm 26 I have suffered in severe pain since i was 15 year old my Dr put it down to IBS I missed out on education and work i asked my dr if it could be endo he asked why i thought that i told him i searched my symptoms on the internet he turned round and said "NO you haven't got it" in 2014 after many other drs opions he eventually referred me to a higher gyneo he diagnosed me with endo since then ive had 4 differents ops and now got the all clear of endo I had about 6 months totally free of pain I felt like I had a life again however the pain gradually come back the gyneo then put me on zoladex injection (monthly) which took my pain down from 8 out of 10 to about 4 which I was happy with apart from the odd bad day a month then Dr changed my injection to the prostap 3 injection (3 monthly) my pain has got really bad again but its making feel really depressed its breaking me after I've been for a belly scan and the drs say "there is nothing there and its all in your head" my husband helps in all he can but I snap at him unintentionally its breaking me and just needed to talk to someone else who really knows what I'm going through.

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Is the suggestion that you use Prostap long term?

It's confusing that you'd be prescribed Prostap if the doctor thinks there's no endo. Unless it's supposed to be preventative? Xxx


Hi that's exactly what I thought when I questioned it he said it helps dry the endo up ?? I don't know. They wanted to keep me on the prostap for 6 months they said and see what happens from there but I have asked to go back on to the zoladex injection as that gave me more relieve. Xx

Thank-you for your reply


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