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chronic pain symptoms

I was first diagnosed with Endometriosis back in 2010 during a laparoscopy to remove an ovarian cyst. This really helped with my symptoms but for the past year or so my periods are painful and bowel movements during period can be too etc, pelvic pain is my main symptom, mainly on one side and now I have some lower back pain too.

For the past 4 months I've also had constant stomach bloating, I've been to the doctors and had two blood tests and stool samples taken as well as ultrasound and internal scans. All they found was a folate deficiency, no cysts or fibroids etc.

I feel like I'm going crazy, I can feel the pain and yet everything comes back clear. Is it possible my endo has returned??

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Hi I have exactly the same symptoms as you, they think my Endometriosis has spread to my bowl and I am waiting on surgery.

Do you get any bleeding from you back passage when opening your bowls during your cycle?



My endometriosis in my colon/intestins weren't recognized at first, when I did a normal ultrasound and other yearly feminin researches. It wasn't until I requested a CT scan, that the doctors found 10cm long endometriosis in my colon/intestions.

My symptons were: lower back pain, sudden sickness (throwing up while on toilet for several hours but always 1 week before or during menstrual cycle), blackness before my eyes, etc.

A CT scan is nothing frightning: they will request that you drink 1 liter of a certain substance + water. Afterwards a needle of a red liquid will be inserted in your arm and you must lay yourself under a CT scanner. 1 days to max 3 days waiting for the hospital results and you will probably see your answer right away.

The conclusion afterwards with me was: endo around and in my colon/intestins. In October I will have my operation and they promised me: 10 cm colon/intestins will be taken away + every endometriosis area possible will be cleaned up.

However, the sooner you can have this check out: the sooner they might give allready the right monthly pill + possible other solutions.

Hope this is helpfull.



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