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post op symptoms for ENDO investigation

Hi there, I have had lapracospopy last Sunday, I am experiencing a sensation in my belly button like I have a belly bar and its catching on my trousers all the time. If anyone else has experienced this is it normal? It is also intensely sensitive when anything heavy goes on top of it, eg i have to sit with my hotwater bottle in a particular way. I have endo on the surface of my bowel and lots of it. Going for an MRI first before my second op. Just looking for anyone who has had similar experience?

Thanks Jillybean85

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I had my first laparoscopy yesterday and I am experiencing the most consistent pain in my belly button. Can't bend certain ways and very painful sitting down and standing up, anything really!

They found endo with me and my ovary was fused to my bowel aswell. Apparently they managed to separate and remove the endo with me.

Good luck for your second op x

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glad to hear they managed to remove all of it for you. You'll notice a big difference I have been told. Be prepared to get the odd dizzy spell. I had one on Friday evening which was really weird, was told it was a delayed reaction to the anesthetic. All the best in your recovery.

thank you for the luck with my second op. Can't wait to get it over an done with. x


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