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Hi all,

Its a week today that I went wheat and dairy free. firstly it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. I've been having gluten free bread and dairy free spread for my toast. I've also had some "free from" chocolate which was actually quite nice and yesterday I had some dairy free grated cheese, it really smells and I probably wouldn't have it on crackers but on top of chilli it was a good substitute.

so the benefits I have found so far.....

I'm eating more fruit and veg (where I would normally grab something like crisps or sausage roll etc.)

I feel less bloated

I feel like I have more energy

I haven't really had any pain (this could be coincidence and due to the time in my cycle)

My legs don't feel like they weigh a ton!

and I've lost 2.5lbs in weight. This is HUGE for me as I haven't been able to lose any weight at all for ages!

I'm going to keep this going for at least the next month so I can see the effect it has during that horrendous time of the month. but so far I'm really really pleased with the results.


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hi. Great to hear it's working for you its always worth a try, I was really sceptical about it but its really helped me and since my surgery I find I can be less strict without pain. Hope it continues to help you 😊.


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Yay! I'm so pleased it's not just me that feels like this. I'm a week tomorrow and feel the same. It's such a shock not to come home and sleep :-)

Good luck continuing, although as you've said, it isn't as difficult as 1st imagined.

I wish you all the best with the new way of life, I made a cake at the weekend and before we knew It, we'd eaten 2/3rds of it :-/ My husband even gave it 9/10.... xx

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I know it really is shocking how quick you feel a change!

if I'm completely honest when I used to read about people changing their diet and talking about the benefits I ignorantly used to think "yeah yeah whatever" and felt like they were preaching a bit, but I am honestly loving it. I haven't felt this well in months and months. crazy!!!

im very interested to see how I will feel next period still 2/3 weeks to find out. very annoying now being regular!

I wish you all the best too! :) xx

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