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Lap op came back negative of endo but 1 year later still having severe pains

Since I starated my periods they've been extremely heavy and painful. Couldn't go to school/work. Later in life (im still just 22)sex was extremely painful. Had many probes and tests finally had a Laproscapy. Marina coil was fitted to stop bleeding and pains. No endo was found but over 1 year later my pains have come back with a vengeance. Has anyone been through the same. Next op will bensure a histeroscopy, im guessing for fibroids? Please please if you have been through similar I could really do with some advice as it's so scary not knowing what's wrong after so many years of pain

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I haven't had a similar experience but I am going through a hard time so talking about it always helps!

I'm 25, took six years to be referred to gynae & have a laparoscopy which confirmed endo! I feel like the laparoscopy was the worst thing I ever done as the bleeding and pain has got incredibly worse. They removed endo from various places and fibroids.

I'm about to start zoladex which stops ovulating as apparently this helps. Let's hope so.

Personally if I was you I would ask to have a second opinion from an endo specialist as not all gynae doctors are specialists in the subject. There has to be a reason for what is happening to you & although you might not have endo you need to find out what it is.

I have the same symptom in the fact that sex is extremely painful & obviously it's human to not want to do anything that brings on pain.

Are you still under gynae? Also have you had a smear test? I know the age is 25 however you can push them to do it? Try and rule everything out before going to gynae as I found that made things faster and easier as a result.

Sorry for the essay but it is good to talk



Hello, thank you so much for replying. Sorry that you're going good through this all too. Im sad to hear that your bleeding and pain has worsened. Why does it seem to take so long for us women to get any help done? It's a if it's not important enough for immediate help! Coming on here has been good for me though, it might sound awful but it's reassuring know if that there's other women out there that know and understand the pain and how extreme it is. For me at the moment the mental side is really bringing me down. Finding it hard to stay positive when there's so much going on inside me that scares me.

I really hope that the medication helps with the bleeding and pains for you. Do you know why the sex is painful and have you found a way around it yet? It still kind of scares me and makes me uptight which probably makes it worse! I think I had a smear test already but will double check. I've got a referral for the gyno on 10th October which feels so far away. Are you suggesting private?? You're right it does feel good to talk , thank you xx


Hi, I'm in a similar position. Had a lap & hysteroscopy today but came back clear. I felt shocked /let down when there was no feedback from the consultant before discharge. I have no follow up app either. Was told by nurse to go back to GP & start the process again. Like you in I'm in pain which are all like Endo symptoms.

I think what Rachiiee said is right we should ask for a second opinion or at least push for a result as it's not right to carry on in this much pain.

Good luck


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