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MIRENA and dry eyes?

Hello everyone!

I have the Mirena in since the end of December 2016 (7 months). I have had minor side effects which disappeared. But now, I have realized that my eyes are dry, I started to feel it in March and it is getting worse ...

Does anyone knows about Mirena-dry eyes connection? At this point I am little paranoid thinking that I could have developed the Sjögren Syndrome.

I would like to listen of your inputs on this. I already have several doctor appointments but I will be very glad to read about your experience.

I am a contact lenses user, and due to my job I am all the day with the computer and in an office with air conditioner. Maybe that is the cause of my dry eyes.

If you had Mirena and dry eyes, did it get better with the time without getting the Mirena out? or, did it improve after mirena removal?

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Feedback: hi girls. My eyes had improved. I think my dry eyes were caused by the summer, air conditioning, etc... Nothing related to the Mirena :)


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