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Surgery a success or Not?

11 weeks ago after a 5 hour surgery I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and they told me they were quite sure that they had excised all of it. I also had the mirena coil fitted at the same time. For the last 11 weeks apart from 3 weeks recovery I have been pain free and I have also had no period since. I was feeling so positive but that was ruined yesterday.

I went to work for 7am and was feeling nauseous with a niggle in my side, by 9am I was vommiting and doubled over with right sided pain and sharp pains in my pelvic area. I knew exactly what it was after being hospitalised numerous times for the same reason but they always think it's appendicitis, however it's a ruptured cyst on my ovary. I went to my GP who then sent me into hospital once again and after 9 hours the pain had eased off.

The doctor in A&E seems to think maybe my endo hasnt completely gone, I'm so worried. My ovarys were completely covered and stuck prior to surgery but they managed to remove the endo and I got to keep them.

I see my consultant in August. Could my endo come back this quickly? Or am I just prone to ovarian cysts? If so can I do anything to reduce the chances of getting them? I'm so confused, deflated and upset.

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Maybe your prone to cysts ? Is it always the same ovary ? Maybe they could remove your ovary, I know they were going to remove one of mine, but they couldn't because it was stuck to other organs, so I'll need further surgery for that . I've had two ruptures and god it hurts, so I kind of understand what you're going through. Big hugs x


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