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Finally think I can see the Dr

hey all, I have a unicornuate uterus and this has resulted in me having only one kidney, one fallopian tube, one ovary and obviously only half a uterus. My insides are also a bit of a mess, i had the start of a uterine rupture with my son and was rushed into surgery to save us both, they would not remove my uterus even though I asked them to but they said its so badly damaged I can never have another child. I have always had painful periods which can last up to 2 weeks, a 5-6 week cycle and painful ovulation but since having my son 6 years ago its so much worse, I have clots the size of a 20p regularly and I get through super plus tampons in 1-2 hours on my heaviest day. It also hurts when I am due to come on or on my cycle when I want to wee or pass a stool, its like an electric shooting pain either in my legs or backside and its getting me to the point I want too go through menopause just to get passed it. I am basically asking ladies if this is likely linked to endometriosis, my Dr is quite old fashioned and thinks ladies pains are just us being drama queens so I am not quite sure how to go about getting a possible diagnosis

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Hi there. I also have a unicornuate uterus, one kidney and endometriosis. The symptoms you are describing do sound like endometriosis. They are the symptoms which got me a laparoscopy and then diagnosed with endometriosis and the unicornuate. I would go to your doctor and ask point blank about endometriosis and ask to see a specialist. That is what it took for me to say to doctors not to think it was just bad period pains. It might not be endo but there is no harm in speaking to someone about the possibility that it is that and someone who is a Specialist. GPs can be surprisingly unaware of the condition considering it affects 1 in 10 women.


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